Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS' or 'bulk messaging' refers to companies sending SMS to thousands of clients utilizing the software. Bulk SMS can hold up to millions of receiver as in the case of promotional, informational, and advertising transmits.

Appex Digital, amplify sales and client contentment with sharp-witted SMS campaigns, instantaneous one-time-passwords, notices, joint communications, and other prize-winning bulk SMS services. Analyze how companies are earning huge revenues from such promotional activities and go- digital amid COVID-19. We are the foremost E-service provider proficient in bulk SMS Services. We entered into E-services on the road to aid petite and standard ventures, startups and companies in India. We opt for the best and simplest medium of the message to extend your statements in the stipulation of advertising and promotion.

Appex Digital aims to generate elucidation about the precise requirement of business, commerce and corporations. We deliver supreme business-worth to client from beginning to end through a blend of solutions, superior value structure and overhaul deliverance novelty.

These services endow with attendance; company structure enquiries and directs to businesses while guaranteeing end -users encompass admittance to appropriate information, reimbursement and tenders. We are trusted for our superiority and principles; smoothing the progress of nationwide trade with confirmed worth for deal. The benefits of the bulk messaging includes –

    -It delivers your messages to thousands of people instantly.
    -It is very efficient.
    -Text messages are viewed-instantly by the clients.
    -It is very reliable and time-efficient.
    -The conversion rate of clients is much superior.
    -Highly cost-effective and offers success.

Whatsapp SMS

Whatsapp Bulk SMS does a similar job as bulk SMS; but messages are usually sent, through Whatsapp. You can converse with your customers using the broadcast feature offered in Whatsapp.

We can effortlessly send an extremely-large amount of Whatsapp messages to your triggered customers. Whatsapp is an application employed for the straight messaging application that permits its users to share images, videos, audio messages for free along with free texting service. Whatsapp is an application for messaging, and it is a top advertising resource.

At Appex digital, we propose a broad-variety of customized solutions that facilitate businesses, and companies to correspond with their accessible and probable clients. We offer apex and best delivery services.

These Bulk-Whatsapp messages are an exceptional, prompt and victorious intermediate to support your company and create a good quality deal and leads. The features and advantages that these service offers are as follows-

  • * It establishes a distinctiveness of company and employing business profile.
  • * People favour Whatsapp messages more than a traditional messaging system.
  • *Business API enables you to connect thousands of people all around the globe in real-time.
  • *It is cost-effective and time-efficient.
  • *It offers more reliability and makes the delivery process faster.
  • *It is easy to operate and administer.
  • *A single account can be connected to thousands of users and accordingly can promote, advertise and deliver messages.

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